I'm Samantha, and I'm here to help you step into the wild.

I'm offering you guides, stories, tips, and gear reviews to enjoy the trails at any experience level. Most of what I'm giving you is useful for all genders, but you also get the unique perspective of girl hikers.

I’m a trail-obsessed woman with previous experience as an outdoor adventure guide and certified wilderness first aid training. In my extensive background hiking and backpacking in a variety of terrains, countries, and weather, I’ve also met some other cool girl hikers.  

I want to share all of this with you because I once needed the same help. As a child, I often ran barefoot and alone in the woods and always opted for the trail over the playground. My father, a hunter, took me on hunting trips as early as two years old. Every chance I got, I was outside. A change of circumstances brought that exploration to a halt. From middle school through a chunk of adulthood, I rarely stepped on a trail. When I felt the itch again, I didn’t know where to start and didn’t have guides like this.

girl hikers
Post trail run selfie with my pup, Miles.

The very first hike I made as an adult was in the middle of a North Carolina summer with jeans on. Though I was so uncomfortable, I still relished the mountain trail. A couple of years later I went on my first backpacking trip, but I still had a lot to learn.

In that first backpacking trip, there were some unexpected trail closures, which turned the beginner trip into an intermediate one. What was supposed to only be 8 miles one-way turned into 13! It was a hard first day, especially when I had about 8 lbs more water than I needed. What made things worse is I grossly underestimated how cold it could get. I shivered next to the fire and didn’t sleep most of the night because my sleeping bag wasn’t warm enough. That’s enough to turn anyone off from this type of adventure! It didn’t need to happen, and I don’t want it to happen to you, which is why I welcome you to check out my guides and gear reviews.

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